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CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Bath Bomb Fizz - Hydrated Leaf


Relax, close your eyes and enjoy a soothing bath experience like no-other. Our CBD-infused Bath Bomb Fizz made by Hydrated Leaf come in 3 different scents; Nighty Night, Peaceful Zen and Blue Lagoon. This is an excellent way to provide your mind and body with the relief it deserves. 


These bath products have been created with the entourage effect in mind—this is why Hydrated Leaf uses full-spectrum CBD oil. Their bath products have nourishing properties and a full cannabinoid profile, making each bath more than just a scent experience.


  • Product Info

    Choose between 3 scents;


    Nighty Night - lay back, relax, let the scent of lavender sweep you off to sleep.


    Blue Lagoon - lazy day at the beach, with tropical scents of fresh sea air


    Peaceful Zen - slip into peaceful bliss with the scent of bergamont and lavender 


    How to use

    Fill your tub with hot water. Sprinkle in your desired amount and enjoy! For best results, allow yourself at least 30 minutes to soak and enjoy the full effects of the CBD and essential oils.


    About The Brand

    Hydrated Lead is a Canadian wellness brand based out of Ontario. Their mission is to provide a new level of wellness with all-natural, CBD-infused products that can be easily incorporated into daily routines and assist you on your wellness journey. Their CBD is third party lab tested, locally sourced and made in Canada. 

  • Ingredients

    30mg full-spectrum CBD oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Zea Mays, Corn Starch, White Kaolin Clay, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Parfum, Water (aqua), Colour

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