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CBD roll on for pain relief

Uplifting CBD Roll-on 250mg - Duo Senses


CBD Roll-On stick for tension relief in problem areas like the neck, temple, knee and other muscles. Blended with organic essential oils for amplified aromatherapy benefits.


This CBD Roll-On stick is made specifically to target and relieve tension areas on the body. It relaxes the muscles and provides a calming and soothing effect to problem areas such as the knee, shoulders, neck and temples.


Product Hightlights

  • 250mg CBD

  • Infused with essential oils

  • Easy on-the-go applicator

  • Made in Canada

  • Size - 10ml 


Each CBD roll-on stick contains 250mg CBD extract as well as a blend of organic oils like grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E that soothe and nourish the skin. It also contains energizing essential oils, such as Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, that work with CBD to provide an amplified aromatherapy to boost mood. Thus giving you a two-in-one CBD essential oil roll-on. This CBD roll-on for tension relief will give your muscles a relaxed and freeing feeling effect, while also uplifting your mood. 

  • How To Use

    Apply your Uplifting CBD Roll-On stick to pressure points and areas that hurt or have tension on the surface of the skin. Roll over problem areas like the knee, temple, neck, shoulders, or any other surface of the body that feels cramped. Apply in a circular motion and avoid getting it near the eyes and on the face. Use as needed to relieve tension and you can apply repeatedly throughout the day.

  • Ingredients

    Hemp-derived CBD, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. 

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