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Calming CBD Oil for Anxiety Canada

Calming Tincture 500mg CBD + 150mg CBN - Full Spectrum - CBDfx


Unwind your mind with our full spectrum Calming Tincture featuring CBN and a proprietary terpene blend designed to calm you down. This full spectrum tincture can be taken anytime you need help relaxing - whether it's to decompress from a stressful day or simply to bring a greater sense of calm.


Product Highlights:

  • 500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil & 150mg CBN
  • Organically grown
  • Contains minor cannabinoids - CBG, CBC, CBL
  • Curated blend of calming terpenes
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Made in California


Full Spectrum CBD oil products derived from hemp are non-psychoactive (no high).


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  • Product Info

    The CBDfx Calming Tincture contains a proprietary, solvent free, CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD oil, 150mg of CBN and a special blend of terpenes designed to help you unwind and relax. This tincture can be taken anytime you need help relaxing - whether it's to decompress from a stressful day or simply to bring greater sense of calm. 


    What are terpenes? These are aromatic oils found in the essential oils of hemp, cannabis and other plants. Terpenes have their own benefits such as relaxation and anti-inflammatory effects, to name a few, and they work synergistically with cannabinoids.


    What is CBN?

    Unfamiliar to many CBD users, CBN is a minor cannabinoid that has shown to have some health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. CBN & CBD work synergistically with each other to create the "entourage effect". For more info on this subject, check out our blog post Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum, Isolate - What's the difference?


    Why Should You Try CBN + CBD Oil?

    Aside from the fact that it’s made from all natural ingredients, this CBD + CBN Calming Oil brings together beneficial cannabinoids and calming terpenes to bring balance to the mind and body. 


    Suggested Use: Shake well before use. Place 1ml of oil under the tongue for 1 minute before swallowing. Use 1-2 times daily or as needed. Increase dosage to find your sweet spot. 

  • Ingredients

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBN, MCT oil, Coconut oil, Stevia, Terpenes.

  • What is full spectrum CBD Oil?

    Full spectrum CBD oil derived from hemp is a whole plant extract that contains minor but beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp, as well as small amounts of THC (0.3% or less).


    Cannabinoids are classified as compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants, such as CBD, THC, CBG, CBC and more. The most abundant cannabinoid in hemp is CBD. Studies have shown that cannabinoids work together to produce the "entourage effect" - this means that all of these compounds work synergistically to enhance each other's benefits.

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